The first Paradis cafe opened in Nørregade, Århus, Denmark in 2000.

Our vision was to create a Danish version of the ice cream found in Rome. Amongst other things, minimizing fat content and using only natural ingredients became top values. More importantly, freshness was our top-priority, which ultimately meant making ice cream locally every single day.

In 2003, our first Copenhagen, Denmark cafe was opened on Sankt Hans Torv in Nørrebro. It proved so successful that within a year we opened another cafe, this time in Frederiksberg, Denmark. With three successful cafes thriving in such a short period of time, it became clear that Denmark loved Paradis. So, in 2005, the first Paradis franchised cafe was opened in Amager, Denmark with subsequent expansion continuing throughout the country which now in 2019 boasts a total of almost 50 cafes in Denmark.


Paradis goes to California!

In 2009, two entrepreneurial Danes made it their mission to bring Paradis ice cream to Los Angeles. They had fallen in love with the Paradis way of making ice cream. They too believed that ice cream should be made fresh every day, using only high-quality ingredients. Thus, they opened a cafe* in Montrose, Los Angeles, California with great success - Americans love Paradis ice cream!

Inspired, our two pioneering Danes helped to open a second Paradis Cafe* in Long Beach, California. Through their hard work and America's love of our ice cream, Paradis has been officially approved to franchise in California, paving the way for others who want to be a part of the Paradis family. In 2019, there are now 9 Paradis Cafés open and 7 new cafés under construction ready to open for summer 2019.


*Each Paradis Cafe is independently owned and operated.