The meeting provides an insight into being a franchisee in Paradise and a tour of one of our stores to see our unique approach to selling fresh made ice cream - perhaps some free samples as well.


Paradis is a fast growing ice cream franchise, based on a simple business model. 

High quality, freshly made ice cream, daily delivered from our central kitchen, is the main feature at a Paradis Cafe in addition to milkshakes, sundaes and other top-notch products made in accordance with our proprietary recipes. We use fresh quality fruits and carefully selected ingredients to make great tasting ice cream. 

Our concept is unique handcrafted ice cream, delivered to each cafe fresh every day. Our business model offers, uniform standards; efficient business operation procedures; marketing, advertising and promotion strategies and procedures; customer service and development techniques; distinctive interior and exterior design and decor; confidential trade secrets; and much more. * 


Next meeting:

Thursday 21st of September at 6.00 PM in Sherman Oaks

Thursday 19th of October at 6.00 PM in Sherman Oaks

Thursday 14th of November at 6.00 PM in Sherman Oaks

Tuesday 28th November at 7.00 PM in Sherman Oaks 


In order to attend the meeting you need to sign up by sending an email to:


Remember to write "Participation in info meeting" and we will scheduel a meeting with you.