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  • Freshly made ice cream every day 
  • Daily delivery of ice cream direct to the café 
  • Minimal space needed operate a store 
  • Relatively low total investment  
  • Simple business model


Paradis is a fast growing ice cream franchise, based on a simple business model. 

High quality, freshly made ice cream is the main feature at a Paradis Cafe in addition to milkshakes, sundaes and other top-notch products made in accordance with our proprietary recipes. We use fresh quality fruits and carefully selected ingredients to make great tasting ice cream. 

Our concept is unique handcrafted ice cream, delivered to each cafe fresh every day. Our business model offers, uniform standards; efficient business operation procedures; marketing, advertising and promotion strategies and procedures; customer service and development techniques; distinctive interior and exterior design and decor; confidential trade secrets; and much more. * 


*Please note that more than a dozen states have franchise and/or business opportunity laws that regulate the offer and sale of franchises.  If you are a resident of a state, or plan to operate a Paradis Cafe in a state, in which we are not currently registered (or exempt) to offer you a Paradis Cafe franchise, we will not be able to offer you a franchise.  In such case, we will record your contact information and notify you when we have registered (or otherwise complied with the applicable laws) to offer you a franchise in the state that is of interest to you.

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We are seeking Paradis franchisees with a local area knowledge, multi-unit or executive business experience and sufficient net worth.

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(1) I have a net worth of at least $150.000 and liquid capital of at least $50.000:

(2) I am interested in (please select one):

(3) Have you ever pursued or been involved in a franchise opportunity?:

(4) Have you or any of your partners operated multiple retail or food stores?:

(5) Explain relevant experience that can support the operations and development of Paradis cafes:

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