Paradis ice cream and sorbets are the very best because we make them with the very best ingredients possible.


Our fruit-sorbets have the texture and taste of ice cream, but are fat free*, filled with lots of fresh fruit and made without dairy products. 

  • Fruit: All fruit ice cream and fruit sorbets contain fresh fruit and most contain fresh lemon-juice.
  • Nuts: All flavors may contain small traces of nuts and peanuts. Nut ice cream is made with pure nut paste.
  • Milk: There is fresh milk in all milk, buttermilk and yoghurt ice cream.  Flavors may contain small traces of milk. There is milk in our Dulce de leche caramel and in our macaroons. 
  • Gluten: All flavors with cake, cookies and macaroons may contain gluten. There could be small traces of gluten in all other flavors. 
  • Egg: We do not use egg to make ice cream. All flavors with cake may contain egg. Tiramisu contains egg. Eggnog contains egg.
  • Soy: All flavors with chocolate chip contain chocolate made with soy lecithin.
  • Sugar: All flavors contain sugar.
  • Additives: All flavors contain small amounts of thickener and emulsifier. They are all vegetable. 

*Under 1% fat.

See the fat content for your favorite flavors here